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The Taco, the most famous Mexico's snack

Nowadays, the Taco is part of street food. Considered a snack in its country of origin, it has managed to establish itself and spread beyond Mexican borders. It can be found on the menu of both restaurant tables and food trucks. Once reserved for farmers, the snack has become popular and is enjoyed by all segments of society.

Tacos Mexicana Lausanne

The Origins of the Taco

It's difficult to define the origins of the snack. There are several interpretations that succeed each other. According to some, its name dates back to the 18th century and is related to the work techniques of miners. For others, the first Aztec emperor Moctezuma (1440-1469) would have been the one to invent it by using it as a spoon. Finally, the last explanation refers to the way in which the food was wrapped and sent to farmers working in the fields.

It was from the 1950s that the product became commercialized. The villagers who produced tortillas turned it into a lucrative business that spread throughout the country. The village of San Vincente Xiloxochita in Tlaxcala became the capital of it. The product was a real success and sold by the hundreds every day. It had a new boom with the arrival of Lebanese migrants in 1960, who introduced tortillas with new flavors.

Femme faire les tortillas Mexique
making tortillas

What is a Taco?

There is a wide variety of tacos. Here is a list of some of them:

  • The tortilla can be salted,

  • It is made from corn or wheat in northern Mexico,

  • It can contain several condiments such as chicken, chili, avocado, and meat similar to Lebanese shawarma,

  • It can be cooked in different ways, steamed or fried.

The combinations are varied and offer a wide range of possibilities.

The Mexican Tortilla, a multicultural food?

The Mexican tortilla has experienced many cultural influences. It eventually entered and established itself in European cuisine. It is possible to find this snack in various dining establishments that are not exclusively dedicated to Mexican cuisine. Places that are open to cultural diversity may offer this dish, as well as so-called traditional restaurants. This snack belongs to a new form of consumption. It is eaten on street corners and in alleys as a main dish or as "antiojitos" for appetizers. It is sometimes displayed on specialized stands to be better appreciated. This is why it is part of street food. It is consumed hot, on the go, in public spaces. As takeout, it does not represent a significant expense.

Tortillas mexique
Mexican tortillas

In France, for example, the product has undergone a radical transformation. It no longer looks or corresponds to its original manufacturing. It is constantly revisited and is one of the main competitors of other fast food items such as the kebab or wrap. The tortilla is embellished with all types of ingredients, spices, and seasonings. It even contains beneficial nutrients for the body. Thus, the taco becomes an inspirational source that aligns with everyone's tastes. It is possible to speak of a trend effect with a meal that meets the needs of a generation focused on responsible consumption. For instance, there are vegetarian or vegan tortillas for people who follow a strict or special diet. It is an efficient and delicious street food.

A Mexican restaurant in Lausanne

Located in the city of Lausanne, Mexicana is a restaurant with surprising charm. The restaurant invites you on a journey through a selection of dishes and tastings from Mexico. You can enjoy the exoticism of delicious and exclusive meals. The establishment is the first to offer corn tortillas, a symbol of Mexico. Mexicana also has a catering service that adapts to your desires and preferences. Whether it's a large or small group, simply place your order by specifying the products you want. The restaurant will be happy to customize your order and ensure your complete satisfaction. You can indulge in Quesadillas, Burritos, and other specialties with complete freedom.

Mexicana Lausanne Restaurant Mexicain
Mexican Tacos

In the midst of evolution and change, Mexicana is partnering with the Bowling Flon. You will then have the opportunity to discover a new restaurant service under a new name that is being kept secret at Flon, in Lausanne, still focused on Mexican cuisine. The upcoming opening in the fall of 2022 promises a welcoming place with large tables to accommodate groups. "From the North to the South of Mexico, there is a great variety of Mexican specialties, some of which are already well known and others are yet to be discovered."


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