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The history and origin of taquerias: discovering authentic Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is famous for its exotic flavors, spices, and colorful dishes. Among its most well-known specialties are tacos, which can be enjoyed in restaurants called taquerias. But where does the concept of taqueria come from, and what is its history? In this article, we will delve into the origin of taquerias to discover the art of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Taqueria Mexicaine

The origins of Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is rich and diverse, with a history that dates back several thousands of years. It is influenced by the culinary traditions of indigenous peoples, as well as European and African contributions.

Origines cuisine mexicaine

Tacos, on the other hand, originated in Mexican cuisine in the 18th century as a convenient food for workers. They were originally made with pieces of meat, vegetables, and spices, wrapped in a corn tortilla. Taquerias emerged on the streets of Mexico, offering affordable and tasty tacos for workers and passersby.

Taquerias, an iconic place in Mexican cuisine

Today, taquerias are an important element of Mexican cuisine, offering delicious and affordable dishes in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

taqueria lausanne

They are known for their homemade tacos, prepared with fresh tortillas and a variety of fillings, such as meat, vegetables, cheese, and spicy sauces. Taquerias also offer other specialties, such as burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas. Taquerias are often decorated with bright colors, graphic patterns, and dim lighting, providing an authentic and welcoming ambiance.

Taquerias: Culture & Tradition

Over time, taquerias have evolved to become popular places for both locals and tourists. Many famous chefs and restaurateurs have also opened taquerias, adding their own personal touch to Mexican cuisine. Today, taquerias can be found all over the world and have become must-visit destinations for Mexican food enthusiasts. Places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and even European cities like Paris and London have seen the opening of taquerias. Tacos have become a full-fledged food trend, with endless variations and unique ingredients in each region.

Taquerias have also become a way for Mexican communities to preserve their culture and pass it on to the new generation. Mexican families have often passed down their recipes from generation to generation, and some of these recipes can be found in taquerias. Additionally, taquerias are often places where community members come together to celebrate cultural events and traditions.

culture mexicaine

In the end, taquerias are much more than just a fast food place. They represent an important culinary and cultural tradition that has been able to adapt and evolve over time. Taquerias are gathering places for communities and destinations for Mexican food enthusiasts. If you are looking to discover the art of the taco and authentic Mexican cuisine, come to Mexicana Grill and experience the typical atmosphere of taquerias.


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